My words are simple self-poetic ways to express my heart and the complexities woven within it. Click on any link below to read portions of my heart.

The Smallest Act


Wild Heart


I Need Nothing Else

I Sit Pretty

Sitting on the Moon

Expelling Wasted Time



My Skin

Without You


Speaking of Angels

What I Have

No Words


Friday Love

Meant to Be

A Thousand Times

My Advice – Fight.

You are like the moon


Fighting Winds 

Open the Heavens

Knot after Knot

Anchor of Hope 

Soft Lights

My Broken Hallelujah

Dusty Unspoken Words

Interviewing Fallen Trees 

 Mommy’s Star

G R I E F + K I T E S

M Y • L I T T L E • S T A R

A • M I L L I O N • S T A R S

Vanishing Balloons 

W I N D • W H I S P E R S

E N C H A N T I N G • S U N R I S E

L E T • M Y • H E A R T • S T A Y

I • P R O T E S T

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