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Thank you for visiting my blog site! Here you will find rambles of my soul– some conversations are with God and others are just random thoughts in my heart.

Some of my earlier posts may be a bit raw but it’s me. I went through a hard time but I am glad to share these with you.

A Little Prancing Fox (Zine)

She’s a Dreamer

Wild Lttle Moon, I Love You (Fable)

Internal Love

Love Letter of 2020


The Human Experience

Conceived in the Mind of God 

Anchor of Hope 

My Broken Hallelujah

Roses + Thorns

Dusty Unspoken Words

Interviewing Fallen Trees 

Loving Deeply

Meeting God on the Mountain

H O N E S T Y 

R E C O V E R • M Y • H E A R T

W A N D E R L U S T • S E A R C H I N G

M Y • C R O S S


June 20, 2018

T H E • C R O W N

The White Room