My name is Jessica Estrada and I am a creative soul. Thank you for visiting my site!

I invite you to peruse my site as though you are in a quiet art gallery. Let each piece of my words, art, music, etc., speak to you, inspire something within you, or give you empathy.

You might be wondering where “Prancing Fox” came from. Well… here’s the back story. I was in Big Bear hiking up a huge hill to view beautiful wildflowers that were a distance away. The hill was so steep that I would take breaks walking up. I would turn around to stop and rest. Heavily breathing from exhaustion, I would enjoy the view of Big Bear Lake from a distance and all the beautiful nature. And then it happened… a silver fox was prancing across the hill below. Time stood still! It was simply the cutest thing I have ever seen. Since then, that memory has been imprinted on my heart. Witnessing that single moment of a “prancing fox” brought so much joy to my life. That is where the name “Prancing Fox” comes from. It was a kind reminder to live in the moment and always have a free spirit — priceless.

A lot of the material on this site stems from questions about life and some broken places but here I am in search of hope and creating art along the way. So every time I say or read the words “Prancing Fox”, it makes me smile. It’s a little light for me in these awkward phases of life. This site is raw and real… my heart of lament to the Lord. I envy people who go through so much and have the strength to remain positive!

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